Here’s the skinney

"me and my market"

"me and my market"

Hey there,

My name is Steven Fay and I sometimes update this blog. Before I go on, I feel it is necessary that I provide you, the reader with some idea of what this whole blog will be about. To answer that question, I don’t rightly know. More than likely this blog will be a random collection of music, movies and just other random musings that come into my head. So if that’s your deal then please stick around. Hopefully some of the random synapses that set off shit in my mind will collide will with the shit in yours and maybe, just maybe I’ll be getting through to someone. If not then it is my hope that at least you, the reader will find this blog in some way interesting. If not then still come around occasionally because it makes me feel good inside when I see that a bunch of strangers that I have never met visited my blog.


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